den feje konge

Music & Lyrics by Christos Farmakis

Vocals: Randi Pontoppidan • Contrabass: Johan Segerberg • Saxophone: Jeanette Balland • Oboe: Erika Wolf • Clarinet: Klaus Tönshoff • Bass Clarinet: Søren Elbo • Bassoon: Dorte Bennike • Percussion: Mathias Friis-Hansen, Mathias Reumert • Sound Engineer: Jesper Andersen

Recorded in Copenhagen, DK | 2010
Cover Art © Sara Chong sarakoshki.wordpress.com

open secret

Original soundtrack for the short film “Open Secret” (2010) by Th. Adamos & K. Asikelis • Filma3 Films / Thessaloniki, GR • Music by Christos Farmakis • Recorded in Copenhagen, DK | 2010 • All instruments: Christos Farmakis (exc. violins in tracks 1 & 6 performed by Willum Lendorf)

the K​-​sessions

Music by Christos Farmakis & Jørgen Allan • Recorded in Kikhavn, DK | 2022 • All percussion: Jørgen Allan Christiansen & Christos Farmakis
Recording, mixing & mastering: Christos Farmakis

The K-sessions were recorded while meditating in a traditional Danish house in Kikhavn, on the north side of Sjælland, Denmark, in June 2022. The fact that this is a live recording, a live conversation with sounds, between two composers & friends, implies the concept of instant music making, right on the spot. The sounds evolve in space with only a very small amount of improvisation based on mutual respect of each other’s gestures and movements. Each idea gets space to be presented and then circulates and developes around the instrument area with the sound quality and homogenity as the only boundary.


3-way split with music by ξόρκι • ουλφαάμ • αθούρα

Released on tape & digital in 2022

Composed by αθούρα / Christos Farmakis

10 x 10

Ten Miniature Trios by Ten Composers

by Red Hedgehog TrioMarina Krickler, horn; Marji Gere, violin; Dan Sedgwick, piano • Recorded May 1, 2015 at Futura Productions, Roslindale, MA, USA


by Duo Oldrup/Lauridsen

Recorded 2012 • Copenhagen, DK

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Suså 4

Contemporary music from the Suså Festival

Recorded August 30, 2013 at Suså Festival, DK

La marionnette, for guitar • performed by Jesper Sivebæk

songs & dances

Released in 2019 • Orchid Classics, UK

Arrangement of works by Nikos Skalkottas, Edvard Grieg & Béla Bartók and performer (Greek & Irish Bouzouki).

Nikos Skalkottas: Kathistos (exc.), from the 36 Greek Dances for Orchestra (arr. C. Farmakis)

Béla Bartók: Sash Dance, by Romanian Folk Dances, Sz.56
(arr. C. Farmakis)

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Released in 2016 • Gateway, DK

Composer & performer (Greek & Irish Bouzouki).

Satyr (music by C. Farmakis)

Mousetrap (music by C. Farmakis)

Reptile Crawling (music by C. Farmakis)

Reptile Hunting (music by C. Farmakis)

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Μνημόσυνο (Άγιοι Επαναστάτες)

split with music by Heaven & Ουλφαάμ • 2022

participated as: Performer (Bass Guitar).

Orange Sky

Album by Anne Christine Wold • 2016

participated as: Performer (Classical & Acoustic Guitar).

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På feil side av låven


Recorded in Norway and Denmark, 2014 • Released in 2014 by Spoken Word, Norway

participated as: Performer (Greek Bouzouki).

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Til Hjertets Rod

Album by Oktoberkoret • Recorded at STMC Studio, 2013-2015, Copenhagen, DK

participated as: Performer (Greek & Irish Bouzouki, Mandolin, Guitar).